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My family and friends always told me I have a gift: 

I am naturally able to let people feel good.


The Experience Alchemist was born during the so called "lockdown", having a simple while sincere mission: 

let people feel good
offering authentic and precious experiences


Ensuring that during a dinner, a holiday, a business travel

people feel pampered and special, being granted whatever is needed to enjoy that moment at its best,
if not even being astonished.



In the Experience Alchemist I channel my 20-years 
International business and travel experience
my marketing and innovation competences, 
to transform an industry that has always been my passion:
lifestyle and hospitality.


I love travelling as much as I love hosting guests at my place.


I love new experiences as much as
I love sharing them with somebody I care.


That's why I chose to dedicate all my passion and profession to support restaurant, bar and hotel managers
to accomplish their mission,
sharing what I learned, experimented and lived
throughout my journey.


Sure that when professionalism meets
determination and passion

the result can only be successful!

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