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 People-centric methodologies to craft memorable Experiences for your Customer and increase your Brand Value

Analysing data, implementing the right infrastructure, collecting information and co-creating with your People and Customers.

That's the recipe of the Alchemist for succeeding!

Customer Journey

Observing and analysing how the customer behaves, what he thinks and feels in each Touch Point of his journey throughout the experience. Verifying emotions and intentions by applying key principles of Human-centric Design & Business Innovation, such as Shadowing, Active listening, Customer Journey mapping.

Analysing and Empathy mapping. 

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Innovation cannot be limited to creation of new dishes, new recipes and new ingredients: it means evolving to keep aligned with the customer's expectations, or even anticipate and amaze him.

That's why we unlock new opportunities and grab new market spaces leveraging on Innovation technics such as Experience Radar, Human factors evaluation, 10 Types and more.


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Turning employees into ambassadors, proud to be an active part in the creation of memorable, meaningful experiences, hence proud to share them.

Ensuring a Corporate culture aligned with the Brand Values, ensuring orientation towards the customer and his evolving needs while attentive to Performance and results.

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