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WoM | Word of Mouth


The WoM | Word of Mouth is the most ancient form of communication, yet still the most common, boosted by the spread of digital technologies and specially smartphones. It is indeed at the base of the so called “viral marketing”.


The WoM strongly influences the reliability and reputation of business because it is directly connected with the personal experience, the personal life of who chooses to share, being perceived as truly authentic.

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Facts & Numbers of WoM | Word of Mouth:


– 84% of customers inform to completely or mostly trust opinions from family, colleagues and friends on products and services, turning them into the most reliable source of information [Nielsen]

– 74% of customers identify the WoM ! Word of Mouth as the most influential way to influence their purchasing decisions [Ogilvy/Google/TNS]

– 68% of customers believe in the opinions of other consumers they found online: the web represents the third most influential resource for products or services [Nielsen]

– 88% of people believe in consumers' reviews, as much as they believe in people they know or they are in touch with [BrightLocal]

– 32% would trust if the reviews come from the same user

– 30% trust as much online than offline reviews (from people they know et similia)

– 26% says it depends from the type of business

– 72% considers that a positive review let them increase trust on a specific company; to convince - on average - 2 to 6 of them it takes 56%of them [BrightLocal]

– on social media, 58% of consumers share their positive experience and their opinion on brands [SDL]

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