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Hidden treasures of Venetian Islands.

It began simply like this: a wonderful Thursday with the only desire to spend some time together and pamper ourselves living a memorable experience. Because Fede and I are just like that: we love experimenting and enjoying experiences to share and then recommend. Experiences that become ideas even for new businesses.

With this simple and clear mission in mind we reached Piazzale Roma, in Venice, ready to embark on the vaporetto that will lead us to our destination: the island of Certosa, where the latest born of Alajmo's restaurants awaits us, the group born with the multi-starred Le Calandre.

The latest format launched by Alajmo - named Hostaria in Certosa - aims to be a summer pop-up restaurant that offers the city of Venice an eclectic place to spend the whole day, from breakfast to lunch, from aperitifs to dinner. A must for those who love to ride the soft waves of the Venetian lagoon.

Fede and I had every intention of spreading ourselves on the sofas of their lounge, sipping a couple of bubbles and letting ourselves be pampered with some delicious culinary proposals.

Too bad that ... when boarding the vaporetto we discovered that the stop at the Certosa Island had been suspended.

No problem, we took out our healthy dose of resilience from our pocket and we jumped on the vaporetto to Torcello. Plan B was On! We don't know anything else but we will improvise.

And our relaxing day becomes a magnificent tour.

The island that once hosted one of the oldest and most prosperous settlements in the Lagoon now looks like a quiet rural islet, where you can visit a suggestive church and take a walk, perhaps stopping for lunch or dinner.

Our choice falls on the Osteria Ponte del Diavolo, a destination we have been keeping an eye on for some time, located right in front of the suggestive bridge - called "Ponte del Diavolo" because it has no parapets.

To attract us its garden, at the center of which rises a kind of pagoda, a refuge where a group of friends or a family can find their own space for a lunch or dinner with friends.

Impeccable service, delicious food.

No doubt about it, they really pampered us, from their homemade bread to final biscuits. A pity for the bill: while food, wines and beers were priced commensurately with the quality, water, coffee and service were overrated.

But still, it remains great location where to host an event, a party ... briefly, the location is a perfect setting to welcome a group from aperitif to dinner, until after dinner. I'll think about it..

Refreshed and rehydrated in the Venetian way, here we are then set off to discover a new island. We stopped in Murano, the island famous for its artistic glass creations.

Stroll through the shops, wonderful. I wanted to buy everything. I plan to go back. We discover that practically everything closes at 18 ... and then we decide to move. Obviously after being pampered with a Venice craft beer.

A quick jump back on the vaporetto to enjoy the rays of the afternoon sun that are reflected on the lagoon, and here we are at Fondamenta Nove. A short walk and our gaze falls on a mega glass chandelier that dominates the entrance of a bar.

Enchanted by this view - and by the waiter who invited us to visit the interior of the place - here we found ourselves at Algiubagiò, where art meets good food and good drink.Rapite da questa vista - e dal cameriere che ci prende sottobraccio e ci invita a visitare il locale - eccoci entrare all'Algiubagiò, dove l'arte incontra il buon cibo e il buon bere.

Could it stop here? Do we really want to miss the island famous for its lace and colorful houses? Never so ... here we are ready to sail for Burano, where we all set for dinner at the Gatto Nero, a worthy conclusion to an unexpected day.


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