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Brand & Project Management
to launch or boost your Business

Like an alchemist turning metals into precious gold,
The Experience Alchemist is born to transform hospitality locations and restaurants
into "theatres" able to offer
people the Memorable Experiences they expect and deserve,
where magic stories are shaped,
ready to be told and shared  with friends, family, colleagues.

Where people feel at the centre, wishing to be back soonest.

Travel to its roots

Memorable Experience means....

insalata crippa.jpg
mojito scomposto.jpg

WoW effect

Not only meeting with Customer Expectations,
but arousing Wonder and Amazement.

No need of magic ingredients,
but the wise and careful
alchemy to combine key factors
that go beyond what is served,
including ambience, service, clientele.

WoM | Word Of Mouth

Provoking the unstoppable desire to share the experience, to recommend it to friends and colleagues, combined with the deep satisfaction of having been the first to discover the Pearl.
It doesn't matter whether by social or live talks, the Sharing Delirium knows no boundaries: Food, Adventures, Parties... What's important is that
everybody talks about it,
if superlatively even better!

Unlocking Opportunities

Identifying new market segments, new channels, new valuable services, new stories to engage customers with.
Activating Partnerships and Collaborations
to increase Visibility, strengthen and extend Brand Value.

How the Alchemist accelerates your Business

The Experience Alchemist will have performed if...

Identity and
Brand Recognition

My Brand will have its Unique Identity and a distinctive Market Positioning.  



My Customer will be highly satisfied and will have activated a spontaneous
Word Of Mouth.

Customer Loyalty

I'll have dropped my churn rate because my Clientele will be dreaming of coming back.


My offering will be competitive and appealing, and my Communication will be
seductive and attractive.


I'll have identified and conquered new market segments through new formulas,
a new customised offering, new services, new partners.

Turning your Place into a Love Brand

Distilling the Identity and the Values that deeply connect with your Customer, creating an emotional connection, an authentic relationship that translates into loyalty.

Bocca Love.jpg

Getting to know your Customer

Understanding the real motivations that drive your Clientele choice: Product, Relationships, Ambience, Service... what are you chosen for? What is your real competitive advantage?

Optimising your Value Proposition

Are you 100% sure that your current Proposal ensures the maximum benefits to your Customer while matching with financial returns?


Brand Extension

Creating new Formulas and Experiences to engage with your Customers in different moments of their Life, coherently with your Brand Values.


Creating valuable Connections and Partnerships to support and boost your Growth: financial or executive partners, collaborations, etc.

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor
Elly_primo piano.jpg

Who's The Alchemist?

Chronic traveler. Tireless sportif. My motto is #workhardplayharder.

For 20 years I have played roles of Sales & Marketing, specialising in Business Innovation.

My approach combines strategic thinking with on-field action to boost Business Development.
I have studied High Impact Leadership at the University of Cambridge, Innovation Strategy at WOBI, Luxury Brand Management & Marketing Excellence at SDA Bocconi.

I lived and worked in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Spain and managed market development projects in Europe, Asia, the USA and Mexico.

My passions? Friends, People and Travels.

Let's blog about Food & Trends with Elly The Alchemist

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