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F&B industry perspectives: Experience and Brands in acceleration.

Fine and Casual Dining are often considered at the opposite. Yet today the disruption the sector is going through has brought them closer, indeed it makes them shake hands to make a common front.

Collaboration, attention to people - both team members and customers - digitization and a common relaunch plan: these are the central topics presented by the Global Food Service Forum 2020 which saw the participation of relevant personalities from the Italian restaurant scene (and beyond),

Key words: Experience, of which the Brand once again becomes a metaphor, as a symbol that encompasses the Values ​​of quality, authenticity, service.

Sara Silvestri of TradeLab (research institute) talks about the perspectives of a sector that has come to face the pandemic with a sharp growth trend, especially for the Casual Dining segment, which brings together under this name the numerous restaurant chains that at national and international level are gaining a prominent place in the market. According to the research of the institute, the trend will see an acceleration after the current temporary crisis due to closures, thanks to a consumer who is increasingly attentive to his own wallet, therefore selective in the experiences he decides to live, but no less attentive to quality.

The forecast of Enrico Buonocore, CEO of Langosteria, representing an institution in the Fine Dining segment, was also positive. Although it was a "shock" for him to think that he has temporarily closed all his restaurants (with the exception of the delivery service), his forecasts are more than positive, confident that as soon as possible we will all return to enjoy the good food and experience of Langosteria. "Customer trust has not been lacking - he explains - and we - as a company - are working hard to take advantage of this moment of process revolution to increase the professionalism of our internal resources, which represent the most important asset for us".

Vincenzo Ferrieri, at the helm of Cioccolatitaliani, PIÈ and BUN, participates in the Forum as president of UBRI, the Union of Italian Catering Brands, to talk to us about how the difficult 2020 has led the main brands in the sector to shake hands to formulate a Marshall Plan aimed at not only saving but relaunching the future of the sector, and consequently that of the Italian economy.

"UBRI was born with the desire to overcome the logic of competition in order to favor collaboration - says Vincenzo during his speech - in order to raise the level of professionalism in the sector and achieve objectives such as internationalization and the improvement of individual margins.

Giuseppe Stigliano, CEO Italy of Wunderman Thompson and co-author with Philip Kotler of Retail 4.0 concludes the forum, reminding us how essential it is to know your customer in order to redesign your future. Giuseppe speaks to us with a metaphor that sounds like a provocation: "Looking to the future is equivalent to walking backwards". And today more than ever he reminds us that it is essential to do it not alone, but together. "We have two equally important assets at our disposal: data and people. Numbers are important because they provide us with a real, objective photograph; but it is with the creativity, ingenuity and empathy of human intervention that we can transform those numbers. in winning solutions ".

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